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WALSER WEALTH is an independent Wealth Management Advisory Specializing in
Strategic Tax & Financial Planning for High Income and High Net Worth Individuals And Families

About Rebecca

about-tax-attorney-rebecca-walser-darkRebecca Walser, JD, LLM, CFP®, is a seasoned wealth management advisor specializing in strategic tax and financial planning for high net worth individuals and families. Her background [Read more]

Tax Strategies

tax-strategies-walser-wealth-managementNationally Recognized Tax Attorney Rebecca Walser Reveals How To Amass A Fortune Then Legally Reposition Your Wealth To NEVER PAY TAXES AGAIN [Read more]

What We Do

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Our integrated, comprehensive approach is unlike anything you have experienced in the past. Combining our financial experience and expertise, with our unique methodology, provides a client-relationship [Read more]


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Join tax attorney and radio talk show host Rebecca Walser at local and national events where she speaks on tax mitigation, wealth maximization and more. [Read more]

On The Air

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When it comes to wealth building, America’s affluent turn to the pros for expert advice. After all, there are only two classes of tax payers, the informed and the uninformed, and one of them always comes out ahead. [Read more]

In The News

Rebecca Walser has been featured in ABC, Bloomberg Business, The New York Post, NBC, CBS, FOX News, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, L.A. Daily News [Read more]

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